Vapormax Flowermate V5.0S - All Colours Available

Vapormax Flowermate V5.0S - All Colours Available
Vapormax Flowermate V5.0S - All Colours Available Vapormax Flowermate V5.0S - All Colours Available Vapormax Flowermate V5.0S - All Colours Available Vapormax Flowermate V5.0S - All Colours Available
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Vapormax Flowermate V5.0S

The manufacturer of the Flowermate V5.0S, Smiss, have been in the e-cigarette industry for years, and learning from their customers and own research has led them to the development of their first 'dry herb vaporizer'.

The V5.0S edition of the Flowermate comes with three preset temperatures.


With virtually no learning technique or additional accessories required for use, the Flowermate has to be one of the easiest to use vaporizers of this time.

Battery life

Two high quality (2600 mAh Samsung/LG) built-in batteries will provide up to an impressive 2.5 hours of vaporizing on a full charge. Charging takes about 3 hours.


The Flowermate vaporizer is compact (measuring 6 x 2 x 10 cm) and easily fits in the palm of your hand. A hidden compartment inside the unit itself provides room for the (removable) mouthpiece, but can also be used to store other small items.

Introducing the all new Vapormax V 5.0S premium variable temp vaporizer. This latest version of the popular vapormax series features 3 temperature settings as well as a high quality Pyrex glass mouthpiece attachment housed in the vaporizers storage compartment for easy transportation.

The Vapormax series is considered by many to be one of the best portable convection oven vaporizers available. The V5.0S is a very robust vaporization device that bakes and never burns your material, pure and satisfying vapor is achieved via the revolutionary ceramic baking chamber. Incredible battery life, ultra pocketable and brilliantly simple to operate - the FlowerMate V5.0s is a true game changer.

The FlowerMate V5.0S is configured to run at a (self-regulated) medium to high level temperature, to prevent combustion at all times. The V5.0S edition of the FlowerMate comes with three preset temperatures indicating a blue color at 385F , purple at 400F and Red at 420F. The Flowermate V5.0S is an advanced pocket-sized aromatherapy device that employs a high tech heating chamber that heats only to the point of vaporization, without combustion, If your in the market for a top of the line none combusting multi temp setting herbal vaporizer look no further than the Vapormax 5.0s! ​

Easily produce think vapor clouds right out of the box Advanced heating chamber consistently produces clean, pure vapor flavor from your aromatherapy blends Aromatherapy blends are evenly heated and never combusted Large chamber allows you to pack enough for multiple vaping sessions 3 temperature settings (Blue = 385F, Purple = 400F, Red = 420F) Simply click the power button 5 times to turn on and you are ready to vape in less than a minute New heating technology allows unit to be ready to use in as little as 20 seconds.

Compact discreet design allowing it to conveniently fit in your pocket or bag High quality blown Pyrex glass mouthpiece provides a pure taste Durable anodized aluminum alloy shell
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