Top Vapor VP-100

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Top Vapor VP100
Comes with easy to use temperature control, a food grade hose with glass mouthpiece and a UK plug.

The VP100 have beautifully crafted outer wooden cases and come with a gorgeous digital LED temperature display. The VP102 also has a handy drawer for keeping your accessories and small parts safe and secure.

For greater enjoyment, greater efficiency and greater purity, try Top-Vapor technology!

Top-Vapor vaporizers are fast becoming the best-selling home use vaporizers. They are high quality, simple yet functional and come with a very reasonable price tag. These vaporizers come with adjustable temperature controls with either a digital display or analogue temperature dial - allowing for total precision when heating your aromatherapy blend.

Put your aromatherapy blend onto the ceramic plate inside your vaporizer. Switch on and ait for the the vapour to form. Top-Vapor vaporizers heat up in just 3 minutes!

The healthy alternative to smoking and avoiding the effects of passive smoke Fully adjustable high quality Digital bespoke desktop vaporiser The wood desktop digital vaporiser heats your incense herbs to a range between 180 °C (356 °F) and 200 °C (392 °F) degrees, vaporising the active ingredients in your herbs whilst leaving any harmful or carcinogenic materials safley behind in the plant/incense matter.

The unit is perfectly suited for vaporising cured herbs or more compact resinous incense prepartions without combusting any harmul material The unit comes supplied with a fully adjustable digital temperature control so you can precisley set the ideal vaporising temperature of different strains of your favourite herb supplied with a 70cm whip; glass mouthpiece All parts are fully detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance NOT SUITED FOR USE WITH PROCESSED TOBACCO
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