Atmos Dart Vaporizer

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Atmos Dart Vaporizer

The Atmos Dart Kit is a special package prepared with two advance cartridges for added versatility. The included cartridges are: the anodized heating chamber, as well as the liquid cartridge, this means the Dart will vaporize both your wax consistency products, as well as your e-liquids. The Dart’s slim design makes it one of the most discreet liquid and wax vape pens available. And its stylish curve offers a relaxed feel that makes it easy to hold onto, preventing accidental drops - which increases its life span and also decreases wear and tear. The Dart is simple, sleek, and durable. It cuts straight to the point, hitting your sweet spot every time. It is also a great compact vaporizer which is great for on the go.

The Dart is good for beginners and people who aren't use to vaporizing as vaping is very different from smoking cigarettes, the dart allows you to get use to vaporizer because it isn't as harsh and is easy to use.

To be used with: Wax, Liquids, E-Liquids.

Size: H 4.732 in, D 0.53 in

This Kit Includes:

    1 - 350mAh Lithium-Ion Battery (Patent Protected Spring Loaded Connection)
    1 - Dart Liquid Cartridge
    1 - Dart Anodized Heating Chamber (Patent Protected Heating Coil Chamber)
    1 - Cordless USB Charger
    1 - User Manual
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