What is aromatherapy?


Aromatherapy is an ancient practice which uses essential oils otherwise known as essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy can help you in a harmonious way, using nature’s very own remedies. Aroma devices heat essential oils slowly and gently, they do not burn or combust the material. By doing this it creates a fine mist instead. Vaporizer aroma diffusers are economical, safe and very practical. The devices effectively diffuse essential oils into the surrounding air. Vaporizers use the aerial diffusion method of aromatherapy by adding fragrance to the air with natural scents. Aromatherapy devices are great to use to fill any space with relaxing and uplifting scents.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile liquids distilled from plant, tree and flower materials. Essential oils are extracted from one single plant species. Essential oils are compounds of aroma particles from flowers, trees, fruits, nuts and shrubs. Around the world there are 3,000 different types of essential oils. 


The Vaporizer shop stock a wide range of aroma diffusers from home use devices to more portable, hand held types.

Essential Oil Benefits

Lavender – Renown for its calming quality. Great to use if you are wanting a good night’s sleep.
Camille – Camille helps you get a good and healthy night’s sleep. Camille has also been proven to calm you and reduce anxiety
Cinnamon – Boosts energy and focus
Sandalwood – Decreases stress and anxiety
Rosemary – Helps mental activity
Peppermint – Enhances mood and helps congestion

Green Tea – Full of antioxidants

Ginger – Eases nauseous feelings

Eucalyptus – Helps you stop being bunged up when you have a cold

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